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Production 2017 - GREASE

KS2 Production 2017 - GREASE!


Well.......there we have it folks. We've shoo-bopped and dinga da dinga donged our way through the hit musical 'Grease' and had a lot of fun along the way. The fact that our pupils in Key Stage 2 were able to deliver such superb performances over 2 nights not only reflects the support you have provided as parents but also the consistent, hard working and confident approach we see from our pupils on a daily basis. We are immensely proud of them! 

A review of Grease once stated.......

'The only things Grease has to rely upon are its reputation and its music.'

We hope we've done enough to secure and not tarnish its reputation!.....and so, for a final time......a womp bop a looma.....a WOMP BAM BOOM!