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P1 Problem Solvers 

Finding all the possible ways to split 7 of Santa’s presents into 3 Santa sacks 🎅

We thought of different ways to sort Christmas presents of all different shapes and sizes. We came up with lots of different ideas. We sorted for colour, for 3D shape and even had a think about sorting for shapes that have ‘corners’


Primary 1 created a Christmas tally chart and then transferred the information they gathered into a pictogram. 

Phonics ‘blend and race’ game

More or Less

Repeating patterns: we worked with a partner to predict what colour the x would be on Sydney the Snake.

As part of our sound and light topic we have been exploring Musial instruments. During play we made are own percussion and string instruments.

Purchasing Christmas items with different coins 🎄

Purchasing items from the Christmas shop using the correct amount of 1p coins 🎅

Writing CVC words with our new ‘d’ sound

Our Christmas Nativity - A Little Bird Told Me

Building Christmas sentences with our key words🎄

‘The First Christmas’

We read ‘The First Christmas’ story and then made our very own story book about it by reading the sentences and selecting the correct picture 🌟 

Peter Pan Pantomime