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We used pastels to create Handa’s basket of fruit 😊

We had a wonderful time in the garden, learning about seeds from broad beans, potatoes and rocket. We also did a mini beast hunt. It was great fun!

An African sunset on the Savannah 🙂

We enjoyed exploring African art and creating our own versions. They are so colourful. Great job P2 ⭐️

We learn lots through play based learning. We are finishing off our topic on Materials and beginning our new topic about The Zoo

Skeleton 3D shapes - we worked in pairs to construct skeleton cubes, cuboids and pyramids using plasticine for the corners and straws for the edges. We were even able to construct houses 😃.

Investigating how to package our wee egg to make it shockproof was so much fun 🐣 We worked in teams to make our decisions about which materials would be best to use. 😀