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Creating our own clock support sheet to help us match clocks to the written time (5 minute intervals) ⏰ 🕰️

Sorting Arctic and Antarctic features ❄️

Playing times tables jenga

ABL: northern lights art and learning the continents and countries of the world 🗺️ 🖼️

Inverse calculations

Having fun practically finding inverse calculations

Sketching art inspired by Kenojuak Ashevak with Mrs Beckett 😁

⏰🕣🕰️Learning to tell the time in 5 minute intervals 🕰️🕣⏰

🏆 🎉 P4M’s Spelling Bee CHAMPION! 🎉 🏆

Congratulations to P4M Spelling Bee Finalists 👏

P4 were surprised with another story box this week that suggested that danger is lurking aboard Ernest Shackleton’s ship- The Endurance 🚢

Compass Points 🧭🧊❄️

P4P Pupil of the Month November - Being a great friend 🫶🏼


Today we trained as if we were Sir Ernest Shackleton’s sailors and used our times table knowledge to complete a tough workout 🏃‍♀️

Multiplication PE 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♂️

Our Maths whizzes cracked the code 🎉 👏 Today in Maths, Sir Ernest Shackleton set us a challenge of using our multiplication skills to crack his secret code 🤩


ABL: turning ourselves into Inuits ❄️

ABL exploring Antarctica with the Beebots

Using Dienes and the Grid Method for super tricky multiplication - what a bunch of geniuses

We love using the iPads in Connected learning 📱we also did some great sorting of key facts about Arctic Explorers 🧭

Today we used Dienes and the grid method to help us learn how to multiply

Practicing our dribbling skills ⚽️

Our rooms transformed into Arctic storms today! We are exploring adventure stories and all about the Polar Regions this term - so this was quite the surprise!!!🧊❄️🧊❄️

Exploring Multiplication through repeated addition, Arrays and much more!

Exploring Multiplication through repeated addition, Arrays and much more!

Working as a team to perform a folk dance 🎶

Anti-Bullying Week Odd Socks 🧦🐞

ABL: making Arctic research centres from LEGO

ABL: turning ourselves into Inuits ❄️🧊

ABL Challenge: making the difference size penguins weigh the same

ABL: using directional language to help the Beebots move around the Antarctic

Exploring our first story box of the half term! We got lots of clues that linked to cold places and even found a map of the Antarctic ❄️ 🧊🗺️ We’re very excited to see where this adventure takes us this term

Practising our football skills in PE ⚽️

Creating 3D shapes and exploring why igloos are hemispheres? ❄️

Making 3D shapes 🧊⚽️exploring the properties of 3D shapes

⭐️🗺️STORY BOX MAGIC ❄️🌨️🏔️ we have been using our prediction skills to try decipher what our next piece of writing will entail! So far we know it’s in Antarctica, it’s likely an adventure and we will encounter polar animals on the way! 🐧🐻‍❄️

Geography 🗺️ 🌎

Exploring the Arctic circle 🌏

Today P4 located the Arctic Circle on maps and globes and identified the physical features of the Arctic landscape. 

Place Value Practical Activities

Fun Maths 😊 Today P4 completed a place value carousel