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Be bright, be seen day - don’t we all look so colourful today as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. We have been learning the importance of being seen by cars in the dark. Looking great P2!

Mrs Forbes is so proud of her class🌟 The champions of the Sumdog competition 🌟

Our fantastic fireworks using chalks and pastels 😃

Grab and guess subtraction helps us learn together as a team. We had fun using our digit cards to make take away sums.

P2 have been learning how to do bunny hops along a bench during gymnastics.

Maths Week - P2 Autumn Maths was so much fun. We weighed a heavy pumpkin, rolled a big pumpkin and used acorns for our subtraction sums.🌟

P2 problem solving - we had to work out how many more ‘sweets’ were in each bag. Great work P2 ⭐️

Exploring signs of Autumn

P2 using digit cards to explore numbers within 20 🌟

Mathseeds on the ipads is a fun way to to practise maths skills 😀