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We are having fun manipulating sounds, using magnetic letters and sound cards. 🤔

We made some fun menus at the writing table! P2B/McI

This week we were learning to ‘lock’ and count on. We used dice to help us compose new calculations. P2B/McI

Last week we went on a 2d shape search. We used the iPad to take a picture and then we mirrored our photographs to our class panel to share with all our friends.

We work hard learning the digraph of the week. We sing songs and have a go at blending lots of new words.

P2B/McI have been enjoying Play Based Learning both inside and outside.

P2B/McI really enjoyed designing Barnaby Bear on the iPad.

P2F working together to program Beebot.

P2F have great fun learning through their play. Look at us exploring, investigating, acting, constructing and much,much more 😀

P2F had fun learning about shape while creating houses 🏡

Mrs Forbes’ class really enjoyed showing Barnaby Bear around Moira 😀