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We have been learning about how birds adapt and survive in the cold Winter weather. We made bird feeders to look after the birds around our school. We learned bird names and how to recognise different birds. We then went on a bird hunt in Moira Demesne! We also talked about birds who migrate to warmer countries during Winter and how birds look after their eggs and chicks!

Jo Jingles!


The children enjoyed having Jo Jingles in Nursery again!  They were singing songs and playing and responding to music using percussion instruments such as a tambourine and a rain maker. Thank you again to Karen for a lovely music session all about Winter and birds!



Cold Climates and Winter


This week the children have been learning about life in polar lands such as Antarctica! They have been learning about animals and how they survive living in the world's coldest climates. They have been learning facts about polar bears, penguins, seals and arctic foxes. They have also been finding out about inuit people and how they build igloos for shelter when they are hunting!