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Moira Primary School has a dedicated team of adults who work in our school to help ensure that all our pupils are Safeguarded. All staff and Governors believe that our school should provide a caring, positive, safe and stimulating environment which promotes the social, physical and moral development of the individual child. Within this partnership the school will be sensitive and supportive in meeting its safeguarding duties.


"Pastoral care is concerned with prompting pupils' personal and social development and fostering positive attitudes; through the quality of teaching and learning; through the nature of relationships amongst pupils, teachers and other adults in the school; through arrangements for monitoring pupils' overall progress, academic, personal and social through specific pastoral structures and support systems; and through extra-curricular activities and the school ethos. Pastoral care, accordingly should help a school to achieve success" (DES, 1989). 


Safeguarding Team

Designated Teacher: Miss C McBride

Deputy Designated Teacher: Mr J Price

Designated Governor: Mrs D Morton

Chairperson of the Board of Governors: Mrs N Markwell

Principal: Mr C Ford


Designated Teacher for Safeguarding and Child Protection

Miss C McBride is the Designated Teacher for Safeguarding and Child Protection. She has received specific training in how to deal sensitively and effectively with Safeguarding matters. Miss C McBride should be your first point of contact if you have any Child Protection/Safeguarding concerns.


Miss C McBride's role is to: 

  • To provide training to all school staff. 
  • To be available to discuss Safeguarding and Child-Protection concerns of any member of staff. 
  • To take responsibility for record keeping of all Safeguarding and Child-Protection concerns. 
  • To make referrals to Social Services or the PSNI Public Protection Unit. 
  • To liaise with Education Authority Designated Officers for Safeguarding and Child Protection. 
  • To take lead responsibility for the development and updating of the school’s Safeguarding Policy. 
  • To ensure parents receive a copy of the Safeguarding and Child-Protection Policy every year. 
  • To promote a Safeguarding and Child-Protection ethos in the school. 
  • To provide reports for the Board of Governors regarding Safeguarding and Child-Protection. 
  • To maintain all records pertaining to Safeguarding and Child-Protection in a secure location. 


Deputy Designated Teacher for Safeguarding and Child Protection

Mr J Price is the Deputy Designated Teachers for Safeguarding and Child Protection. His role is to support the work of the Designated Teacher for Child Protection. All Safeguarding concerns should be brought to him should Miss C McBride be unavailable.


Designated Governors for Safeguarding and Child Protection

Miss D Morton is the Designated Governor for Safeguarding and Child Protection. The Board of Governors closely monitor the effectiveness of the out-workings of the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.



Mr C Ford is kept fully informed of all Safeguarding and Child Protection matters in school. He helps to liaise with members of staff and outside agencies as and when required.