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⭐️ 3D shape investigations ⭐️

Clay houses for the three little pigs 🐷

Shockproof packaging to protect our little eggs 🥚. We worked in teams to decide on the best materials to protect our eggs. We were great at taking turns and making decisions. Have a look at these fun photos😀

Egg experiment- I wonder who will invent the best shock proof container for their boiled egg???

We had so much fun making magnetic race tracks 😀

We had fun using magnetic wands to explore magnetism 😀

Look at us using the balance scales to weigh objects during PBL😀

Today we designed our own race tracks. Our magnetic wands helped to pull our cars around the track!,

Today we visited the local library here in Moira.

WEIGHT - We looked at objects and discussed which looked heavier or lighter. Then we handled them to compare and order from lightest to heaviest. Next we used balance scales to compare and weigh objects to find out the accuracy of our estimations. It was great team work 😀

MAGNETS- Today we had fun exploring magnetic forces. Come and see the objects that we found to be magnetic.

WORLD BOOK DAY - We looked fabulous dressed up as our favourite characters. Lots of us brought in books by Julia Donaldson and she is definitely one of our favourite authors 🙂

Look at us enjoying our fun activities during outdoor play on a sunny Spring day 🌟

Today we acted out the story of the Three Little Pigs using our voices and instruments.

Have a look at our fantastic story maps about our new big book “The Three Little Pigs” 😃

Exploring odd and even numbers 😀

How can you change a ball of plasticine to make it float? P2 had so much fun making plasticine boats and even added cargo and a sail!

P2 loved using the “felting technique” to create their underwater scenes. The spraying and squeezing were great fun 😀