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School Uniform

School Uniform


Nursery Uniform

In Nursery, the children have lots of practical experiences, some of them very messy! Sometimes accidents occur and children may get their clothes marked or wet. The Nursery uniform is informal and practical and consists of a red round-neck sweatshirt with school logo worn over a grey polo shirt, and navy or black jogging bottoms. 


Primary 1 - Primary 7 Uniform

There is an expectation that our children will wear full uniform at all times and we very much appreciate parental support in this area. We believe that school uniform is both attractive and practical and helps give the children a distinctive identity with their school. Uniform also helps in maintaining an orderly atmosphere in which learning can flourish. School uniform is available to purchase from the school or from 'McCalls' of Lisburn.


Our uniform at Moira Primary School consists of the following:

  • Grey round neck sweatshirt with school logo worn over a red polo shirt
  • Grey skirts or pinafores for girls and grey shorts/trousers for boys and girls
  • Optional red checked dresses for girls in the summer term
  • White knee-length socks for girls (plain red/grey tights in colder weather if wished)
  • Grey socks for boys
  • Black shoes (no trainers)


The Following items are not part of our school’s uniform policy

  • Cardigans
  • Red Hoodies (can be worn as part of the P.E. uniform)
  • Large hair decorations
  • Black trainers