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Problem solving - we looked at how patterns are useful to help us solve problems. We used lots of different strategies and team work to help us solve our problems ⭐️

Investigating what floats or sinks. We explored ways to make a sinker float 👍🏻

Felting - we created underwater scenes using felt. We had to spread it very thin, then add water and fairy liquid before we rolled it up. We are very happy with the results.

We are practising our log rolls, egg rolls, pulling and sliding and balancing skills👍

We enjoyed a making totals to 20p on ‘Pay for it’.

Mental Health Week in P2 is all about keeping on the move and being resilient when things get a little more difficult . We know about the zones of regulation and we enjoyed dancing to the ‘Power of Yet’ on imoves. Fitness Freddy was fantastic😀

We have loved our ‘Water’ topic. We know about the importance of fair testing in our dissolving and melting investigations 👍