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News flash- Unexpected bombing in Belfast

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News flash- Belfast bombed!

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News flash- Belfast bombed once again!

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News flash- Blitz attack in Belfast!

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News flash- There has been a terrible bombing in Belfast!

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News flash- Unexpected bombing in our city!

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Congratulations Emily for winning P4P’s April persistence award! You’re a superstar🏅🎖️

Congratulations to P4M’s winner Chloe who won this month’s award for showing great persistence in everything she does 👏 🏆

P4M reached 2000 class dojos (again) and received a well deserved treat today 👏 Well done for continuing to make us proud! 🤩

Using our directors board and touch typing skills to write a script before we film our news report 🎥

Today we have been categorising multiples using a Carroll diagram 😃

The Amazing Journey ⭐️ today we watched an interactive performance about ‘The Amazing Journey’.

Today we have been categorising numbers using Venn diagrams

Planning our news report using directors boards 🎥

We’re so lucky to have genuine WW2 artefacts to show in our class! Thank you to our families for sharing these precious pieces!🤩

Creating WW2 Timelime paper chains! Today we learnt what a timeline is and even had a go creating our own!

Today our P4 superstars have been practicing our tricky addition and subtraction written methods! Just look at how much progress we have made this year 🤩 🌟

Our P4 word millionaire Farah 👏

P4M have brought in some more WW2 family photographs and artefacts! Thank you so much Emily and Eli for sharing these special pieces with us 🌟

ABL: making spitfires, shelters, Blitz scenes and WW2 Propaganada posters

Making Anderson Shelters

Creating headlines for our newspaper report 🗞️

Using calendars to find out about our friend’s birthdays

Experiencing the Blitz 😲

Today P4 experienced a day in the life of a child during WW2. The children were shocked to come in to wailing sirens and quickly realised they were experiencing a Blitz. They assessed the damage caused by enemy planes overnight, experienced an attack while shielding in their makeshift Morrison shelters and trialled the dark and cramped Anderson shelters. Although this was a pretty dramatic start to our day it really helped us to step into the role of a child during WW2 and helped us answer questions as a witness to the Blitz in preparation for our newspaper report!

Adding our finishing touches to our Blitz artwork

Wow! These boys have brought in their families precious World War 2 artefacts! 🤩 🏅

Wow! Real WW2 medals!!!!!🎖️

5 minute increments of time carousel 🎠 ⏰🕰️⏱️

PARTY TIME - we made it to £500!!!! THANK YOU 🎉🥳🎈🎊🪩

ABL: making spitfires and the background of our Blitz scene 🖼️

Clockwise and anti-clockwise 🔄 expanding our directional vocabulary

Learning the samba during today’s movement break💃🕺

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Experimenting with digital audio on the iPads 🎶