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P6 had fun learning how rainbows are formed as part of their science experiments linked to Shared Education 🌈 we talked about how light is made up of the seven colours of the rainbow and how light is refracted when it travels through water droplets. Have a look at us creating our own rainbows using torches and water in a beaker 🌈

P6 have been continuing to enjoy Shared Education with Rowandale Primary Integrated Primary School. This week we were focusing on light and talked about the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun ☀️ we designed our own sunglasses and tested different materials to use for the lenses. We had to think about which would block out UV rays but still be practical 🕶️ have a look at us using our own UV bead bracelets and UV torches to carry out this experiment 😎

P6 have enjoyed developing their dribbling and passing skills in hockey.

P6H have been enjoying creating and performing simple melodies and rhythms using digital instruments. They have been using the 'song maker' tool on Google Music lab to experiment using the different digital instruments.

We are so proud of our P6 children and parents for making so many delicious buns for our Child In Need bun sale. P6 loved selling the buns at the sale.

P6 have been enjoying participating in Shared Education with Rowandale Integrated Primary School. This week we have been looking at electricity and finding out all about circuits 💡 in groups we built our own complete circuits to create ‘steady hand’ games 🤩

Anti-bullying Week. P6 have been thinking about ‘the weight of their words’ and the positive and negative impact they can have on others.

P6 wore odd socks to celebrate what makes them unique.


Familiarisation of biographies.