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Getting to Know you! 

The nursery children are settling in to their new classroom and outdoor environments! Have a look at what they’ve been learning so far! 


We have been learning lots of new routines! During our snack routine, we wash our hands, get our own cup and plate, we select the correct number of food items, pour own our drinks and tidy away afterwards! We are also learning to put on our welly boots and shoes! Mrs Heasley and Miss Kennedy are so proud of us! Well done! ⭐️


Autism Awareness Day 2023! 

Autism Awareness Day! Some of the boys and girls wore blue to school today in support of Autism awareness. We read a book called ‘Pablo’s Feelings’ about a little boy who struggles to express how he is feeling and what he needs. We talked about how are all different and that makes us special! We also created heart collages using different shades of blue tissue paper. 💙

Dinner Routine!


Some children have started learning the dinner routine! We are getting used to trying lots of different foods and following the new routines! 


We’re going on a Bear Hunt! 


 We are so lucky to have Moira Demesne right next to our nursery unit! We went on a bear hunt and the children enjoyed finding big and small bears among the trees!( Such wonderful imaginations they have!)