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This term we are learning all about the Farm πŸ·πŸ”πŸ„

Play Based Learning in the sun β˜€οΈ

Visit to Streamvale Farm πŸ„

P1 had a wonderful trip to Streamvale Farm on Thursday. They got to pet a number of small animals, feed some bigger animals and visit a working milking parlour. The guides taught them lots of new interesting facts about the milking process and some cool farm animal facts. After such a great day, they can’t wait to continue their farm topic in school this term. 

We have been exploring dairy farming as apart of our WAU. Today we sampled some dairy products including cheese, milkshake and ice cream 🍦 πŸ§€

Amazing Journey visited school today and shared stories from the bible and traditional foods and clothing with P1

We’ve been practising word processing during PBL πŸ’»

Play Based Learning πŸ„

Sharon showed P1 all the wonderful vegetables growing in Moira PS today and sent us on a mini beast hunt around the grounds.

Key Word Cookie Game

Bee Bot 🐝 P1 programmed their bee bot to move forwards and backwards along the path to the colours in their magic wand πŸͺ„

Function Machines

Animal Sounds - We have been using farm animal sounds to help us learn about speech bubbles πŸ·πŸ”πŸ΄

Moira Farm Shop

P1 used 1p coins to buy 2 items from Moira Farm Shop. We used our knowledge of adding 2 sets to find the total amount.

Farm Map - Features of a farm πŸ”πŸ·

We discussed the different features of a farm and then worked with a partner to draw our own map of a farm.

On the Farm πŸšœπŸŒ½πŸ„

Still image for this video
This term our topic in P1 is the farm. We will be learning all about the different animals on the farm, where they live and their jobs.

Phonics- P1 have been working hard on blending their sounds to make words and spotting digraphs.

Adding 2 sets of numbers

We have been learning about plants absorbing water from the soil. We are carrying out an investigation to see how the roots of a plant absorb water from the soil. We placed celery into different coloured water. Over the next week we will explore what happens to each celery stick.

ICT- P1 pupils used PowerPoint to add text to a speech bubble to complete the story Oliver’s Vegetables

Addition βž•πŸŸ°

Sorting 2D shapes using Carroll, Venn and Tree Diagrams

Z and W phonics formation work

Jack and the Beanstalk: Length

P1 were set a challenge from Jack to help him build a new beanstalk to reach the castle again. Each group selected the material they would like to use to build a tall tower. We used the language long, short, the same, thick and thin. 

Ordinal number and shape work πŸ”ΊπŸŸ₯πŸ”΄

We had to identify the correct 2D shape and put it on the correct position on the track. We identified position correctly from first to tenth.