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We have been learning about the journey of sound and what each part of the ear does.

We have been learning about 3d shapes. We counted how many faces, edges and vertices each shape has.

Harmony Sunshine's birthday party. We created invitations on the computer and then enjoyed the party ! 🎉

Composing a piece of music….


Still image for this video

P.E. In pjs!

Guess The Pudsey!

Activity Based Learning. We have been doing lots of fun activities related to our light and sound topic.

Composing and performing in P3

We were timing ourselves doing different activities in claps. We had to see how many claps it would take to write our name 10 times, write all the even numbers to 20 and take our jumpers off and on. We had to estimate how many we thought it would take before we tested it out.

We estimated and counted how many objects were in each container.

We are learning to add up amounts of money to 50p. We were also working out change if we spent 20p in the toy shop.

We have been practising making amounts and counting coins.

Today we wore odd socks to school. We learned that everyone is different but that’s ok. We have to celebrate and share our differences so we can all learn from each other.

Today we read the story of the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. Then in the afternoon we used collage materials to create our own lighthouses. 

Historical Detectives in P3

Today we put on our detective hats and try to find out about a person from the past.

We looked at clues to help us work out who this person might be and why they are an important person from history.

We found out this person was a woman.

They helped soldiers during a war.

They came from a rich family.

The changed how hospitals were run and made them safer and cleaner. 

Can you guess who this character from history was?