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P1 are looking forward  to learning all about their new ‘Light and Sound’ topic this term and continuing to build their friendships. Make sure to scroll through our pictures to see all of our hard work 😊

🎡 During Play we made our own sound shakers with junk art 🎡

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We have been exploring different sounds and instruments to make our own music on Chrome Music Lab 🎼πŸ₯πŸŽΈ

Parts of the eye - Last week we were learning about light and how it enters our eye. This week we looked at the different parts of our eye and made our own eye collages.

Creating Monoprints of Candles

Writing our Name

Using multi links to make different shaped snakes

Practising the formation of β€˜h’

Helping our class Teddy write his Santa list

P1D’s Pictogram to show their favourite colour.

Children in Need

We wore our pyjamas and bought delicious buns for our break to raise money for Children in Need. It was a great day!!

Anti-Bulling Week

We came to school today wearing odd socks. The socks had different colours and patterns and we looked rather funny. We talked about how special and unique we are. 

Formation of β€˜e’

Digital Art

We are learning how to take a photo on an iPad. For this task we had to find objects outside that were red, yellow or green. We discovered that there are many objects around us that are the same colour; but each object is a different shade. 

Introduction to light lesson πŸ’‘πŸ’‘ we made our classroom extra dark and then used torches to try and figure out what was inside the box. We worked well as a team and had great fun!

Practising our cutting skills

We used chalk and oil pastels to design our own firefly

Formation of our new β€˜k’ sound

Making sentences with our key words

Playing the key words pairs game

Thick and Thin


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Number Rotations