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Growing Things 


This half term we are learning all about ‘Growing Things’ 🌱 We will be planting flowers and beans and making sure we know how to care for them to help them grow. 

⭐️ Formation of our new β€˜j’ sound and spelling some β€˜j’ words ⭐️

Planting Beans 🫘 πŸͺ΄

Combing sets with β€˜Magic Beans’

How many altogether?

P1 have been creating number sentences to find out how many we have altogether. Today we were adding using magic beans 🫘 

We made our own beanstalks with key words on the leaves πŸƒ

2D shape flowers 🌺

We discussed the properties of 2D shapes and then used them to make our very own 2D shape flowers. We then asked our partner if they could name some of the shapes we used.

Painting Daffodils 🌼

Making Toast

As part of learning about procedural writing in P1, we correctly ordered instructions to help us make some toast.

Key word work

Combing Sets

Understanding Prepositional Language

We had lots of fun using our new knowledge of prepositional language to explore our classroom!! We thought it was very funny that we were allowed to stand on our chairs and sit on the tables to demonstrate ‘on top’ 

🌿🌷 Growing Things 🍎🌽

Problem solving - Exploring patterns πŸš—πŸ›»πŸš—

Magnets- P1 explored a variety of materials to see which would attract a magnet or not. We discovered that magnets attract metals and other magnets.

Tall and Short- P1 have been exploring height in Numeracy. Today’s challenge was to create a giant taller than the template.

Coding on Scratch Jr πŸš—

Exploring Gravity! P1 have been exploring Forces. We explored gravity- an invisible force that pulls objects toward each other. Earth's gravity keeps us on the ground and makes things fall.

Freezing and Melting experiment 🧊

After reading the book Ridiculous! P1 discussed freezing and melting. We carried out an experiment that involved placing small toys in water and freezing them over night. We then had to work as a team and figure out different ways we could free the toy by melting the ice. We explored melting the ice by using our body heat, dropping the ice and hacking the ice with different objects. 

Today we used the scales to find and compare heavy and light objects

Formation of β€˜b’ and segmenting CVC words