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We are loving getting outdoors and exploring the early signs of Autumn 🍁

We bought some things from the class shop and paid with 1p coins πŸ‘›

Formation of β€˜a’ activities

Sorting using a Venn Diagram

β€˜When I Grow Up’

As part of our ‘All About Me’ topic we had previously discussed what we did when we were a baby and what we can now do that we are 4/5 years old. We looked at pictures of us all as a baby and talked about how much we had changed. We then had a discussion about what we would like to be when we were older. After the discussion, we used pic collage to choose a picture of our desired future career and then had a go at drawing it. 

Making our own maps of School πŸ—Ί

Our Map of School

We took a walk around school today and had to think carefully about all the things we saw on our walk. When we got back to the classroom we worked together to think of where everything is in the school and then made a map. We are getting much better at knowing our way around the school and where things are in relation to our classroom. 

Number 3

Outdoor Learning Area

Still image for this video
It was our first time putting our puddle suits on, our wellie boots on and having fun with our friends in the outdoor area. We had a FAB time 😁

Digital Art 🎨

After completing self-portraits in our ‘All About Me’ topic, we had a look at Picasso’s art. We loved how he used bright colours to make a portrait so interesting, so we had a go ourselves. We started by exploring with chalks and then had a go at creating our own colourful portraits on the iPad. We thought they looked great and had lots of fun showing our cool portraits off to our friends. 

Formation of numbers 1&2

🟠🟑🟠🟑Creating Repeating Patterns πŸ”΅πŸŸ’πŸ”΅πŸŸ’

Pre-Writing (Tall man, short man)

We looked at the different letters in the alphabet and discussed how some letters were tall and some were short. To help us prepare for writing tall and short letters, we practised using play dough to work on tall and short. 

All About Me

We talked about how we are all different and unique. After painting self-portraits, we   discussed all the different features of our face. We then had a personalised puzzle challenge of putting our face back together 🧩 

Pre-writing patterns on the iPad πŸ“±βœοΈ

P1’s First Day


P1 were excited to meet some their new classmates. We read the story, ‘The Colour Monster’s First Day at School’ and discussed all the different feelings we felt on our first day, just like the Colour Monster. We then made our own Colour Monster headband 😊 A great first day!