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This half term we are learning all about ‘Growing Things’ 🌱 We will be planting flowers and beans and making sure we know how to care for them to help them grow

Our beans have started to grow 🌱🌱

We have been exploring length in Numeracy and using the language longer, shorter and the same.

Adding one board game and stations

“Everybody, Everyone, come outside and have some fun”

Still image for this video

Exploring 2D shapes 🟥🔴 We discussed the properties of 2D shapes and then made our own garden by making different shapes with a range of different craft materials.

Ladybird Addition 🐞

Play Based Learning 🌺🥦🌽🌼

As part of our ‘Zones of Regulation’ lessons we have been thinking about having positive thoughts if we find something tricky. Look at our positive affirmations ⭐️

Spelling words with the oa, ie, and ai digraphs

Forming the digraph ie

St Patrick’s day craft ☘️

Dave from Sustrans took us on a walk and reminded us about staying safe near a road.

Ordering numbers (smallest to biggest)

Our beans have started to sprout 🌱

Combing sets. Introducing the + symbol.

Sequencing Jasper’s Beanstalk

How would you react if you saw a giant beanstalk?!

Problem solving: P1 had to find all of the possible combining sets

World Book Day!

Primary 1 loved celebrating World Book Day! We enjoyed reading with P7, designing a book cover, sharing our favourite story books and playing the masked reader. 

Weight - we set ourselves the challenge of balancing the scales by using the correct amount of play dough ⚖️

Folk Dance

Procedural writing: Making a pea packet with peas to take home and plant 🌱

Flower Crafts 🌼🌺

P.E: Jumping and landing on 2 feet