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Habitat for humanity

Habitat for Humanity Workshop
When Habitat for Humanity came to school we had lots of fun. Firstly, we did a waste quiz which helped us find out lots of interesting facts e.g. if half the plastic in the UK was recycled, the plastic saved would stretch to the moon and back! We did an activity called ‘how long until it’s gone’ which taught us how long it took until things decomposed; a Shloer bottle takes 1-2 million years to decompose. Next we learnt a bit about their shop, ReStore, which is a home improvement store which sells bath tubs, doors, sofas, storage units and many, many more! Then we learned about the impact of plastics in our ocean and on land. We learned about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is so big it can be seen from space! Finally, we did an activity where we designed coasters that were made from kitchen tiles and cork. We were given loads of colours. We loved our time with Habitat for Humanity and we hope the Great Pacific Garbage Patch disappears.
Written by Ciara and Erin (P6W)