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Digital Skills include: Editing documents and importing pictures


My favourite apps are: YouTube and Ibis Paint X


My favourite digital device is: My tablet


Digital Skills include: being able to help and assist younger children with any queries and I also love to design and create artwork online


My favourite apps are: Roblox, Among us, Mathletics and watching funny YouTube videos


My favourite digital device is: My iPad and my iPhone


Digital skills include: TBC


My favourite app is: TBC


My favourite digital device is: TBC


Digital Skills include: Uploading pictures and videos 


My favourite apps are: YouTube and Minecraft 


My favourite digital device is: My PC


Digital Skills include: Playing on computers and tackling a lot of IT problems. My dad has been teaching me how to use and fix problems on the PC and laptop. I am a brilliant Xbox gamer.


My favourite apps are YouTube and Roblox 


My favourite digital device is: My laptop for work but my phone or iPad are better for certain games


Digital Skills include: Navigating around my Chromebook, using lots of the Google applications, making posters and coding


My favourite apps are: Roblox, because it is a safe and fun environment for my character to manoeuvre around. Word, because I love making posters on it. MS Paint because I love doing digital art. Scratch because it is a great app for coding. Amazon Music because you can listen to a lot of free music on it and YouTube kids because it is really safe and you can discover lot of interesting videos 


My favourite digital device is: My Chromebook 


Digital skills include:  Sorting files, editing photos and showing people things they
don’t know. E.g. showing my grandparents how to change Chrome backgrounds.


My favourite apps are: Pic Collage, Chrome and LDD


My favourite devices are: Laptop and PS4


Digital skills include: Searching, designing and creating 


My favourite apps are: Safari and Google Maps


My favourite device is my: Laptop 


Digital skills include: Creating PowerPoints and Word documents 


My favourite apps are: Word, PowerPoint, Paint 3D, Sumdog and Excel


My favourite device is my: Laptop because there are so many good apps and it is easy to use


Digital skills include: Control & Setup our family TV - Setting up our family laptops, switches and computers - Using our family printer/scanner - Installing software - Navigating using Brave browser - Using Scratch, Trailmakers and Minecraft - General ICT housekeeping including AVG anti virus software - Using OBS (Open Broadcast Software)


My favourite apps are: Scratch, Digital Logic Sim, Brave, Cell Machine and Replit


My favourite device is my: Computer and Laptop 



Digital skills include: Being a quick typer and editing pictures and videos 


My favourite app is: Film Maker (Editing app)


My favourite device is my: Desktop Computer 


Digital skills include: setting up and creating new digital software 


My favourite apps include: Minecraft, Roblox, Brawl Stars and Fortnite


My favourite devices are my: iPad and Xbox