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Week 7

Picture 1 Playing Kim’s Game
Picture 1 Doing our rhyme tasks
Picture 2 Doing our rhyme tasks
Picture 1 Making Autumn Collages
Picture 2 Making Autumn Collages
Picture 3 Making Autumn Collages


We chose some things to draw around and worked out which covered the biggest area.

During P.E. we practised our aiming and throwing skills.
Lots of play happening inside.
Some pretty impressive buildings were made this week.

Messy Play

We had great fun making patterns and numbers with shaving foam.

Number group work

  1. Using tweezers and pegs to put conkers, acorns and Pom poms into numbered egg cartons
  2. Playing Autumn Hunt game with a partner this week.
  3. Playing Ladybird Bingo
  4. sorting Autumn pictures on a Venn Diagram.