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Week 4 - 25th January


Just look at those faces! P6 really love cookies!

Everyone was given a job to do according to what number they picked:

1. Weigh butter

2.Weigh sugar

Everyone have a go at mixing with wooden spoon

3.Add eggs and vanilla essence

4.Weigh oats and mix well

5. Chop chocolate and add to rest of ingredients

6.Weigh flour

Again we all took turns to mix everything together before each placing a spoonful on a baking tray and cooking for 15-20 minutes. That's a long time to wait when you can smell chocolate so we spent the time washing up the equipment we had used. Yes, they can all wash and dry dishes, so don't let them fool you! I'm not sure that any cookies were brought home - I think most of them were eaten straight away.