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Week 3

The Big Garden Birdwatch is happening this month so this week we have been learning the names of little birds, how to to recognise them and how to look after them. We went birdwatching around the school grounds and into the park. We heard so many birds chirping but it was hard to identify them. 
 On Thursday we made some bird food from lard and seeds. We put some in our playground and made some to take home and put in our garden. Hopefully this will attract the birds and allow us to see them better.
Conservation of number
Conservation of number
Conservation of number
Conservation of number
Time to explore cuisinaire rods.
What melts ice the quickest?  - Warm water, cold water, sugar, salt, hammering it?

Number group work

  1. Sorting pictures of vehicles using Carroll diagrams
  2. Change Please- a sorting game.
  3. Memory match game. Working with a partner to match numbers to the matching set of vehicle pictures.
A moving vehicle
The Eiffel Tower
We got to show off our dance moves for Fitness Freddie. He was really impressed and we had great fun!