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Week 3

Outdoor Learning 

We loved our first day in our outdoor learning area!

Outdoor Learning

Another great time in our outdoor area. This time we explored on the other side.

Outdoor Learning

Today the two P1 classes joined together. We enjoyed playing with new friends.

Literacy tasks

Number 3

Sweetie Jars

Placing 3 counters in the jar baseboard, moving them around and counting them again to make sure there were still 3.

Making towers with cubes

Making towers and finding the correct number hat for the top.

Making 3 with dough

 We learned a rhyme to help us remember how to write the numeral 3. Then we had a go making it using dough.


Around the tree, around the tree

That’s the way we make a three.

Key Words

We matched the names of characters from our reading books to their picture.

Creating repeating patterns using coloured counters and coins.


This week we were practising the pattern over and under.


 We listened to the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Afterwards we made short and long caterpillars using dough, coloured counters, links, cubes and large buttons.