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Week 1 & 2

Our new topic is forces and movement. We use forces in all our play activities.
We have been exploring clay and using our senses to describe how it looks, smells and feels. It has been great fun making a mess!
Have a look at some of our literacy tasks.
  1. We have been learning about 8.

our group activities were

  1. Making the numeral 8 with play dough.
  2. Drawing buttons on 2 snowmen. We compared how many buttons were on each snowman and pointed to the one which had more/fewer buttons.
  3. Designing a house with 8 windows.

We have been learning about number 9. We made a set of 9 and then moved them about. We counted them again to make sure there were still 9.


Using magnetic letters to make vehicles names.
We are making our own sentences about our 8-legged creatures.
Practising writing “l”.
Practising writing “l”.