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P4 after school Eco-schools club

Week 1: P4 were learning about habitats and had a quick look outside in the garden area to see what plants and animals are living at Moira Primary

Week 2-  We listened to a story about 'Bouncy Blackbird' to learn about what birds like to eat.  We then decided to make some treats for the birds at Moira Primary School. We reused empty plastic bottles to make bird feeders and then made some bird cake.  We used lard, breadcrumbs, bird seed, sultanas and cheese to make our cakes!


Making bird feeders and bird cake

Week 3

We tied string around our bird feeders to prepare them for hanging up outside our classrooms.

We also started to research facts about common birds found in our gardens on the computers- we hope to see more of these around Moira Primary School! 

We managed to hang up two bird feeders today and the rest will be sent to different classrooms in the next week.

We were looking at the different kinds of birds in our garden. We made bird snappers of Robins, Blue Tits and Goldfinches. After this,  we played a game on the Interactive Whiteboard to help us learn to recognise some birds.