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Our RRS Mascot - Harmony Sunshine - Article 15

Picture 1 Our puppet before she was made over!
Picture 2 The school are introduced to our new mascot.
Picture 3 Harmony Sunshine in her uniform.
Picture 4 Finalists in the name and badge competition.
Picture 5 Ben suggested Harmony and Isla Suggested Sunshine.
Picture 6 Mr Ford announces the winners of the competition.
Picture 7 Carolyn won the best badge competition.
Picture 8 The winning badge design by Carolyn McNeil
Picture 9 Ben, Isla, Carolyn and Keeley getting their prizes
Picture 10 3 of our 4 Winners.
Picture 11 3 of our 4 Winners.
Picture 12 Harmony Sunshine was the winning name.
Picture 13 Our 2D version on Harmony Sunshine.
Picture 14 Mr Ford preps Harmony for the abseil on Sunday.
Picture 15 The Pupil Council with Harmony Sunshine.