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P2F built houses and tested their strength using a hair drier to find a safe house for the three pigs 🐷🐷🐷

P2F Heavier or lighter?

🐺 P2 B/Mc have been creating their own version of The Three Little Pigs on book creator. We took photos, recorded audios and typed the story 🐷🐷🐷

⚠️ P 2 B/Mc were learning all about Stranger Danger this week - who might be safe strangers and what do do if we feel we are in danger ⚠️

🌈 P2 B/Mc are enjoying exploring the first signs of spring in our outdoor classroom 🌈

📚 P2 B/Mc had a great day celebrating World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite characters, took part in ‘Extreme Reading’, made bookmarks for our books and competed in a quiz all about traditional tales. What a great day! 📚

🐳 P2 B/Mc created beautiful underwater pictures from felt - it was messy but great fun 🐠

🎾 P2 B/Mc have been busy practicing their hitting skills 🎾

🧲 P2 B/Mc enjoyed investigating various materials to discover which were magnetic 🧲

☘️ P2B/Mc had great fun creating funny shamrocks to celebrate St. Patrick’s day ☘️

P2F love investigating and working together 😀

P2F building houses for the three little pigs 🐷

P2F created fantastic ‘Wanted’ Posters to catch the wolf in the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ 🐺

P2F’s ‘Shamrock’ characters for St Patrick’s Day ☘️

P2F had a great time celebrating ‘World Book Day’ 😃

P2F had a great time on Pancake Tuesday. We made delicious pancakes and enjoyed them with our favourite toppings. We listened to the story of the ‘Big Pancake’ and learnt a poem about making pancakes 🙂

Making and tossing pancakes is great fun!

We made a Pic Collage of our pancake adventures!

Which shape of plasticine boat is best?

P2F learning to tell the time with fun activities 🙂

P2F created ‘underwater scenes’ using the ‘felting’ technique 😀

P2F were so good at using the PicCollage app 😄

Our huge floor clock really helped us to tell the time. 😁