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Learning Support

Learning Support in Moira P.S.

We have very experienced teachers who assist with our provision for Special Educational Needs.  Miss McBride is the Learning Support Coordinator in Moira Primary School. 


In addition to teaching staff, we also have a number of excellent Classroom Assistants and Special Educational Needs Assistants who work with individuals or small groups of pupils.


Special Needs provision may take place within the classroom or during short periods when pupils are withdrawn from class, enabling them to have more individual teaching.  Such additional support does not replace classroom teaching – it is supplementary to it.


Parents are regularly consulted and updated on their children’s progress and difficulties are addressed swiftly to ensure children fulfil their potential.



What should I do if I feel my child required additional help?

It is the primarily the responsibility of the class teacher to ensure that the needs of all children are catered for and that each child makes good progress in line with their ability.  Parent Teacher Consultations in October and February are a good opportunity for you to have a chat with the teacher and share any concerns you may have.  In addition, you can also make an appointment to speak with a teacher at other times throughout the year.  We do however ask parents to be mindful that teachers are unavailable between 8.50am-3.00pm.


Miss McBride (Learning Support Coordinator) is also available to offer guidance and support to parents.