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Fun activities in P2F

We made plasticine boats and tested them to find out which designs floated the best 🙂

Fun with pastels creating Monet’s Water Lilies

We love using coins to make amounts in different ways 🙂

Lots of fun during our Play Based Learning ‘Water’ topic 😃

We celebrated Mental Health Week. We were Wellness Warriors, keeping fit and discussing what makes us GREAT!😄🤩

Mental Health Week P2F ‘Wellness Warriors’

We also celebrated Internet Safety Day. Digi duck helped us to think about how we can be safe when using apps on our IPads.

Internet safety week

This month we have been experimenting. Looking at capacity and working out how many smaller containers fit into the larger containers.

More experimenting in P2! This week we were predicting which objects would sink and which would float.😄

Always nice to celebrate Valentine’s Day with lots of fun Arts and Crafts! 😍