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Counting the results of the Energy Saving Week challenge November 2019

Power Down Day / Outdoor Classroom Day 2019

P1 enjoyed some active maths outdoors. Our lesson was all about time. We divided into 2 teams. Team one stood in a circle had to throw and catch a ball to Mrs Cummings. Team two had to take turns to run to a cone.

We predicted which team would finish first before trying it out.

P2 enjoyed learning their spellings outside during Power Down day!

P2 enjoyed eating their break outside during Power Down day!

P.7 enjoyed calculating the age of trees, completing a Maths trail and an energy quiz during Power Down Day

Power down day-no laptops, lights or photocopiers allowed!

P6 & P7 completed an Energy fact finding trail

P4/5 making ‘Switch off’ finger flowers with challenges to save energy and signs for our ‘Power Down’ day next week

P6/7 took part in Bryson House's Energy Efficiency programme and learnt lots of ways to save energy and money!

The Eco Warriors have been working undercover to carry out an energy survey!