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E-safety is often defined as the safe and responsible use of technology. This includes the use of the internet and also other means of communication using electronic media (e.g. text messages, gaming devices, email etc…). In practice, e-safety is as much about behaviour as it is electronic security.


Moira Primary School recognises the importance of promoting internet safety.  We aim to deliver a whole school approach to e-safety that helps our pupils improve their own understanding of associated issues enabling them to use the internet and all digital media in a safe and secure way.

Tips for staying safe online | CBBC

Laura shares her top tips for online safety in this Technobabble vlog for CBBC. For more information visit the BBC Own It website Watch...

NSPCC Keeping Safe Project: Online Safety Links 

We use the preventative education resources from NSPCC Keeping Safe project for teaching our students about online safety.


Video 1Keeping Safe Online Introduction


Video 2What are Children Doing Online?


Video 3Be Share Aware: Useful Resources


Video 4Share Aware: Keeping Children Safe Online


Video 5NSPCC and O2: Keeping Kids Safe Online


Video 6Net Aware: Social Networks, Apps and Games



The 'Parental Control Guide' will help you set up controls to provide your child with a safer online environment.  Whilst these controls can help to protect your children from seeing something they shouldn't, no system is effective all of the time so it is important to talk to your child about their online safety regularly. 

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