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Making bird cake to help provide food for the birds during the cold winter months

P3 and Mr Clark set up a footprint trap to find out which creatures are living in and around our school grounds.

P3 and Mr Clark planted saplings from the oldest oak tree in Northern Ireland

Orangutans are an endangered animal- Eco club made their own orangutan puppets

Eco club made bird cake

P2 sowed seeds and when they were big enough we planted them in and around our sensory garden.

P5 went on a bug hunt

P4 planted a Dig For Victory garden

P5 planted some seed potatoes in our garden. Afterwards we were rewarded with some home made potato crisps

P5 completed a very thorough bug hunt today - I think we got them all! We linked this with our Maths through tallying and bar charts.

P2 planted Californian poppy and Cornflower seeds. We watered them and put them in the polytunnel - we cant wait to see them grow and bloom.

P.7 Birdwatch

P.7 took part in the RSPB campaign to count birds seen in their local environment. Afterwards they used their mathematical skills to collate the data and draw graphs. 

Miss Wallace and members of the Biodiversity sub committee visited the nursery to play ‘bird pairs’ and read a story about a Lucky Duck.

P1 playing the bird pairs memory game.
Sharon McMaster visited P2 and we planted tulip and daffodil bulbs.  We are looking forward to seeing beautiful flowers in the Spring.  We also had some time to visit the wormery and find out how out how P3's slimy friends are getting on.  It was good fun!

Planting and exploring in our new sensory garden!

P6 worked with members of the council to sow a wildflower garden in Moira Demesne-we look forward to some lovely blooms in June or July!

Sarah McGeough, from Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council helped P2 make bird feeders using recycled materials. We used old yoghurt pots and string for the feeders and a mixture of lard, raisins and cheese for the bird food. It was a very messy job, but most of us enjoyed it!  The birds LOVED the feeders we made for school. Sarah also told us about the different birds in our area and gave everyone a bird watcher notebook and pen. 

The Council visited P4 and gave us a really interesting talk on hedgehogs. They gave our school a hedgehog house to help protect the hedgehogs in our school grounds. 


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