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Welly Boot Week Mrs Dundas class

Monday 23rd October

We went into the park today. There was a lot to hear, see and touch. 

We saw:-

  • lots of Autumn leaves
  • old trees with wide trunks and young trees with thin trunks
  • tree stumps
  • ivy and moss growing on tree trunks
  • squirrels
  • diggers clearing up branches blown down by the storm. 

We heard:-

  • crows and others little birds

We touched:-

  • the rough bark on tree trunks

Tuesday 24th October

Today we visited the school garden.

  • We looked at deciduous and evergreen trees
  • We noticed that the apple tree and plum trees are bare
  • We had a look at the bug hotel.
  • We went into the polytunnel to see the wormery
  • We saw little pea shoots in our vegetable bed.
  • We went into the willow dome. It was a tight squeeze.
  • We found out some interesting facts about the weather station
  • We discovered the water butt was full.
  • On our way back we looked at a little bird house in a tree and passed the bird table. We need to remember to feed the birds in winter

Thursday 26th October

Today we spent time exploring in the area beside the entrance to the park. We counted 18 trees along the straight part of the path. We saw lots of snails living behind the bark of a tree. We created pictures using leaves, conkers, twigs and  grass. 

Friday 27th October

Today we explored in the school grounds. We also spent time playing in the area beside the hen coup.