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Week 7

We had to recognise our numbers from  0 to 5 really well to do our tasks today. 

  1. Ladybird Bingo.  We had count the spots on a ladybird. The first person to point to the number on their baseboard covered their  number with the card. The winner was the person to cover most numbers on their board.
  2. Autumn Hunt Game.  Today we played this game with a partner. We took turns to roll a die. We covered the set of pictures with that number on our baseboard.
  3. Tweezers and Acorns.  We had to use tweezers to lift the correct number of acorns and put them in numbered dishes. Picking up the acorns with tweezers was a bit tricky!!
We worked in tables to sort Autumn pictures and numbers onto a Venn diagram. After we sorted our own set of pictures onto a Venn diagram. We decided to sort for 5/ not 5.
Today we practiced writing our numbers.