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Week 5

Weight tasks

  1. We chose 2 items and compared their weight. We showed which was heavier by using our arms as balance scales. 
  2. We predicted the order of 4 objects according to their weight.
  3. We worked in pairs to explore the weight of bears using balance scales.
We used 9 multi links to make letters of the alphabet.
  1. Tower challenge We worked together to build a tower with bricks as high as possible without it collapsing.
  2. We named lots of 2D shapes and talked about their properties. After, in pairs, we put 4 similar shapes in order of size.


Today we ordered cuisinaire rods from the shortest to the tallest. 

We worked together to make a wall for humpty. The challenge was to make each layer the same length as the orange rod.

Today we made a made a class book about 10. We had to draw or make a collage of 10 vehicles.
We were using the language first, second, third, fourth and fifth as Mrs Dundas told a story about some cuddly toys going on a bus trip.
Picture 1

Mrs Meadows told a story about who got on the train 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. We all got a go.