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Week 5

In our group work this week we ..1. Ordered show me cards 2. Matched the number of day and night animals to the correct number and 3. Put the correct amount of pennies on our Christmas shop baseboard.

We ordered 'show me cards' on a baseboard and listened to and followed instructions. Here are some of the things we had to do

  1. Hold up 3. 
  2. Hold up the number before 6.
  3. Hold up the number of claps Mrs Dundas did.
  4. Put number 2 on top of number 7.
  5. Put number 4 under zero.
Putting counters on 2 Christmas trees and comparing them by using the language more/ fewer.
We made triangles from lolly sticks. We painted  and decorated them before joining them together to make this beautiful Christmas tree. We put a triangle on top of another one t make a star. We made a square pot from 4 lolly sticks.
Picture 1