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Week 4 Welly Boot Week

On Monday and Wednesday we went to Moira Park to explore. We saw old trees with thick trunks and young trees with thin trunks. There were lots of leaves and twigs on the ground. Some minibeasts were hiding behind the bark. We saw some ivy growing on tree trunks and we were lucky to see  2 little squirrels.
We brought lots of Autumn things into the classroom. Our challenge was to sort them, make repeating patterns or make sets. It was great fun.

On Thursday we explored in the school garden. We saw apple tree and plum trees. There was a bug hotel and lots of raised beds. Unfortunately they were full of weeds so we are going back out soon to do some weeding!! We went into the willow dome and saw the poly tunnel. The water butt was full of water and the weather vane showed us which direction the wind was blowing. 

We went for a little walk around the grounds, stopping off to at the trim trail before we went back inside.

We collected 3 leaves, different sizes and used them to make little blankets for hedgehogs. Our challenge was to choose the best leaf to ensure the hedgehog was completely covered - so he wouldn’t be cold during the winter. We discovered that some hedgehogs needed more than 1 leaf to cover them completely. 
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