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Week 4

We made different shapes using 9 multilink cubes!

Our home task for this week was to make an octopus with 8 arms or a spider with 8 legs.

Today we

  1. Made repeating patterns using magnetic numbers.
  2. Caught fish and put them on a blank number line.
  3. Made sets of 10 coloured pegs on pegboards.
After some free exploration with cuisinaire rods, we ordered the shortest 5 according to their length. We learned that each colour represented a number.
Today we were estimating. We worked in pairs. One person put some bears on a vehicle baseboard and covered them up. The other person got a see the bears for a few seconds before saying how many bears they thought were on the vehicle.
We found things around our classroom that we thought were longer/shorter than a ruler. We then used a ruler to check if we predicted correctly.
Picture 1