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Week 4

Today we were making sets of objects between 0 and 4. We learnt rhymes to help us write the numeral 0 and 4.

Around and round and round we go. 

That's way we make a zero.


Down and across and down some more

That's the way we make a 4.


We had 3 tasks to do

  1. Happy Face Game. A die was rolled. We had to cover eac happy face on our baseboard.
  2. Colour Towers.  The baseboard told us the number and colour of multi links to use to build each tower.
  3. Number Buttons. We sorted buttons according to the number of holes they had.
Practising making and  writing 0 and 4.
We learned how to sort using  a Venn diagram
Buying fruit and vegetables in our shop using 1p's .