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Today we went to visit the school garden. There was a lot to see. We got time to explore as well. We saw:-

  • Apples on one of the apple trees. We picked a couple and tasted them at break time. They were very crunchy and a little bitter!,
  • A willow dome. We went inside. It was like a little den.
  • The bug hotel
  • Raised beds. We hope to plant some spring onions in our P1 bed.
  • The insect house.
  • The weather station.
  • The poly tunnel. We went inside to have a look. At the minute there is nothing growing but we hope to plant some seeds in spring.
Picture 1 Insect house
Picture 2 Raised beds
Picture 3 Weather station
Picture 4 Weather station
Picture 5 Insid the polytunnel
Picture 6 In the willow dome
Picture 7 In the willow dome
Picture 8 The bug hotel
Picture 9 The bug hotel
Picture 10 The bug hotel
Picture 11 In the willow dome
Picture 12 Picking 2 apples