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Pre-writing tasks

This week we were practising our writing using the rhyme over and under. We started by passing a baton along a line over our heads then under our legs. We then practised the over and under pattern using dough and wallets and pens.

We were practising ripping paper to make a snake and drawing lines from left to right to help us get ready to write.

This week we were making zig zag patterns. We said "up and down" as we followed the zig zag patterns. This will help us when we start to write letters K, M, N, v, w, x and z. 

This week we made a 'banana'. We moved our finger around the banana starting at the top saying 'Back and down and turn around. We then made this shape with dough and traced around it on wallets. This will help us when we learn to write 'banana letters'  - a, c, d, g, o and q.