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Welcome to Mrs McBride's & Mrs Stewart's Classes

P4 were evacuees for the day at the Palace Stables


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W5 Recycling workshop

P4 planted a Dig For Victory garden. We are looking forward to eating the carrots and peas in a few months.

Measures: Lots of practical weighing activities involving 1kg and 1/2kg

P4 have been measuring using grams and kilograms

Rights Respecting School Assembly on World War II

We were very active during healthy lifestyles week with a football tournament and sports day.


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As part of our topic of Bread P4 had a very interesting tour of Moira Bakery

World Book Day - P4 enjoyed reading books in the tents and making masks of their favourite characters

Moira Library Visits

Cold Lands Activity Based Play

P4S won the quietest class in the corridors competition and had a brilliant trip to Scallyways. Thank you Scallyways.


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P4 had a super time at the Christmas disco


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P4S made rockets to blast off to the moon!!

P4S activity based learning on The Moon

P4M made rockets as part of their topic on the Moon.  They are ready to blast off!


Well done to everyone for their super art work!

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In P4M we had the best attendance in November.  Well done everyone! Keep on super attending.
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Barnabas Award

Niamh Latuske in P4M was our very worthy winner of this award for being a super encourager to others.  I couldn't be any prouder as her teacher!

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P4M Multiplication games using brackets.  They are really getting to know their times tables well.


What a fantastic performance put on by our very able pupils.

It was a pleasure watching them!

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Parents got involved and the children really enjoyed making them do the work for a change!

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P4 Pupil of the Month for November- being a good friend!


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P4 PUPIL OF THE MONTH for October.  The award was given for 'GOOD MANNERS'.  Well done to everyone from both classes!
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P4S made potato bread using potatoes from our outdoor garden.

P4S visited the library to find out how books are organised in the library and how to order books online.

P4M have been learning all about MULTIPLYING.  We have started with the 2 times tables and have had fun making lots of sets.
P4M had a great time visiting Moira Library.  They heard a story and had the opportunity to look through some of the books.

P4M went on a trail around Moira to find out more about the history of the village and the buildings in it.  We even got the opportunity to go inside St. John's church.  Look out for the big front door key!

P4M have been working really hard on their Class Charter.  We looked at all the various ARTICLES (Rights of the Child) and made a list of needs and wants.  Looks like Christmas lists are going to be big this year!  We created a Minion Class Charter and made wrist bands to remind us about following the Class Charter.
P4M visited the Folk Museum at Cultra as part of our topic on Homes and Buildings.
P4M have been learning all about analogue and digital time.  We played follow me and matched analogue to digital times.
P4M really enjoyed using cm rulers, measuring tapes and metre sticks to measure various body parts and items in the classroom. They also used string to investigate the accuracy of measuring and the difference between using a measuring tape.
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P4 were very busy measuring in metres, half and quarter metres and in centimetres.

Activity Based Learning on our topic Homes & Buildings

P4S enjoying browsing the books at the Book Fair

P4S enjoyed their history trail around Moira. They found out lots of interesting facts about Moira Castle and other buildings in the village.

P4 have been working on fractions this week and doing lots of practical activities to find 1/2, 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4 of objects.

P4S have been enjoying PE lessons with Gary from the IFA. We have been playing games which helped us to focus on finding a space.

P4S voted for members for the Student Council. Congratulations to Niamh and Nate. They will do a great job representing our class.

P4S had a fantastic time trying out the new assault course

Congratulations to the P4 pupils who got the September award for making a great start

Congratulations to the P4 pupils who got the September award for making a great start 1

P4S Moira Library Visit to find out how the library works


This is an instructional activity in which the children become the teacher in small group sessions.

Children learn to guide group discussions using different strategies.

They have taken on the roles of:


They are loving it!

The only problem is, everyone wants to be the BIG BOSS!



The IFA will be taking a P.E. session once a week.  Gary has been working on finding space in various different games.

Matthew was our first super listener!


We investigated near doubles and worked out what near doubles matched double numbers.

We investigated what numbers  could be rounded to a particular ten.


The children worked together in pairs and then as a table group to put the 3 parts of their sum altogether.

They did a fantastic job.  Super learning P4!


We are looking at:

the number

how many tens?

how many units?

and the expanded form of the number


We are learning to -

Find different ways of making tens and units numbers and match them to our Place Value Chart with diennes!



P4S we used diennes to help us with our tens and units place value and to help us add two and three digit numbers

Welcome to Mrs Stewart's class! 



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