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Welcome to our class page. Have a look at some of the exciting things we have been doing!!

Globos Song

We are learning this song in Spanish to help us learn the colours. Have a go!

Computer Suite

We went to the computer suite for the first time today (13th January). We handled the mouse very well as we worked through 2 programs on 'Tizzy's Toybox'.

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Christmas Jumper and Party Day

Thanks to the school council for organising this fun day.

Aldo the Magician

We loved having Aldo come today to do some magic tricks. 

Snowman at Sunset

We loved practising and performing out play for all our family and friends.

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Hosanna Rock

We had a real treat today (9th Dec) as we were invited to watch the P3/4 Christmas Nativity. The singing, acting and costumes were amazing. 

A Wiggly Nativity

We were invited to the nursery to see their performance of The wiggly Nativity. We really loved the costumes and beautiful songs. Well done everyone.

Christmas Dinner

We really enjoyed our Christmas dinner on 6th December. Thank you to our wonderful cooks. It was delicious!!


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Shoebox Appeal

Thank you to everyone who brought in boxes for the shoebox appeal. Boys and girls who are not as fortunate as us will love these special treats. The van came today to collect them.

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Remembrance Day

We learned a rhyme, made a poster and had a special 1 minute silence to help us remember those special people who fought in wars so that we could live in freedom.

Letter Sounds

This week we started learning our letter sounds. We were introduced to 's' and 'a'. For each sound we heard a story and learned an action to help us remember it. We listened to words with the s sound in them and worked out if the sound was at the beginning or end of the word. We also learned how to correctly form the letter. 

Numberwork 24th October

This week we are continuing to work with numbers 0 to 5.

Autumn Hunt Game.

Last week we played this game in 2 big teams. This week we played in smaller groups. 

Show me cards. 

We ordered our number cards from 0 to 5. We had to listen carefully as Mrs Dundas asked us to show her a number. We had to listen and count as she tapped out beats on instruments and look and count as she showed us sets of objects.  We found the correct 'show me card'.

Colour towers

We had to find the correct colour and number of multi links and set them on our baseboard. We are all getting quicker at doing this activity.


Number work 17th October

This week our activities have helped us to recognise and write numbers 0 -5. We have been counting sets of objects and pictures up to 5. We have also been looking at repeating patterns. 

  1. Autumn Hunt Game. We got into 2 teams of 4. We took turns to roll a dice. We had to match the number on the dice with a set of Autumn pictures on our baseboard. The first team to cover all the pictures was the winner. It was great fun. We were great at turn taking and good 'sports' even when we didn't win!!
  2. Shopping with 1p's. We took turns to come to Mrs Cummings shop and buy something with our pennies. We had to count out the correct number on our baseboard.
  3. Writing numerals 1-5. We practised writing our numbers on our wallets. Our rhymes helped us make sure we wrote them correctly.
  4. Repeating patterns.  We had a go at making repeating colour patterns with cubes.

 Sorting using a Venn Diagram

We have been learning to sort on a Venn diagram. Have a look at how we sorted the coloured counters and compare bears.


Play based learning

Have a look at some of the things we have been dong.

Number Work 10th October

This week we have been learning about number 5. Some of our tasks were

  1. Using dough to make a 5. The rhyme to help us is 'Down and around, the a flag on high. That's the way we make a 5.'
  2. Using unifix number boats and hats from 1-5. We had to put the correct number of cubes in each boat and under each hat. Some of us even organised them so they were in the correct order.
  3. Making sets of coloured objects and putting them in one of the shapes on our baseboard. We had to listen to the instructions carefully so we knew how many, which colour and what shape to put them on!!!!
  4. Our number rhyme was  Here is the beehive.


During the last 2 weeks we have been practising patterns which will help us when we start to write letters and words. 

  1. We ripped little pieces of paper and stuck them to a picture of a banana. Then we cut the banana out. It was a tricky job but we all did well. This helped us when we made some with dough and used our pens to trace over and draw our banana shape. We had to remember to "start at the top, go back, down and turn around."
  2. We carefully coloured a 'snake fish' before cutting around it. It looked like the letter 's'. When we made some with dough and traced over some we had to remember to make the banana shape first. 
  3. We made our very own wands and took them outside to draw spiral patterns in the air. It was great fun. We also practised tracing over and drawing snail shells.

Number Work 3rd October

We have been learning about number 4 this week. As well as making 4's with dough, we played 2 games.

  1. Number buttons. Mrs Cummings rolled a die and we had to find a button with the same number of holes and put it on our baseboard.
  2. Colour towers. We had to find the correct number and colour of multi links and set them on a board.


  1. We ordered 3 pictures from one of our reading books and used them to help tell the story.
  2. We enjoyed saying and singing our rhymes. We clapped as we said them and followed our finger along each line. We found words we knew.

Number Work 26th September

We learned a rhyme to help us correctly form the numeral 3.

Around the tree

Around the tree

That's the way we make a 3.


We practiced writing a 3 in our wallets and making it with dough. We played a game called happy faces. We rolled a die with numbers 1-3. We then put the correct number of counters on a board with lots of faces.


Teddy's Birthay

We were all invited to Teddy's birthday on Friday. Our teddy's were invited too. We had party food and played lots of party games. It was great fun. 


We have been playing games to help us learn  the character names in our reading books.


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Planning Teddy's Party

Teddy is our class teddy. His birthday is on Friday. We are having a party and have been getting ready for it all week. We made place mats, cards and top hats. We planned games and  decided to have a Krispie birthday cake.

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Number work 19th September

This week we have been learning about the number 3.

  1. Sweetie jars. We had to put 3 coloured counters into our sweetie jar. We found out that we can move them anywhere inside the jar and there will still be 3.
  2. Peg boards. We made lots of sets of 3 coloured counters.
  3. Coins. We sorted and counted coins according to their colours and shapes.


This week we were doing over and under patterns. Our tasks were:-

  1. Tracing over wavy patterns in wallets with whiteboard pens.
  2. Using dough to make wavy patterns.
  3. Setting counters along a wavy pattern.
  4. Threading ribbon through butterflies. We had to keep saying over and under as we threaded the ribbon through. This was very tricky!


We have learnt a rhyme to help us sit properly when we are working.


1234. Are your feet flat on the floor?

5678. Is your back nice and straight?


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Number - 12th September

We have been learning about number 2 this week. We also had fun saying the number rhymes 5 ripe apples and 5 fat peas. We copied colour patterns using counters and cubes.

Pre-Writing Skills 15th September

This week we were learning that some letters are tall and some are short. We call them tall men and short men. When we were doing our activities we said:-

Tall man,tall man. Start at the top, pull down and stop.

Short man, short man. Start in the middle,pull down and stop.

Our tasks were

  1. Making a fence to keep Lenny the lion in his cage.
  2. Using dough to make tall and short "men".
  3. Holding our pen correctly as we drew tall and short lines.


Our First Week

Pencil Skills

How to say Individual Sounds