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The end of the school year is fast approaching. A priority this month is to prepare the children for Primary One  and to ensure they feel happy and comfortable about the new adventure that awaits them in September.

We will be exploring the themes of 'Seaside, Holidays and Summer' through our play.


This month we will be finding out about different types of animals. We will learn about animals that live in the wild and we will also explore dinosaurs. We are planning our Nursery Trip to Tannaghmore Gardens, where we will find out about farm animals. During Healthy Lifestyles week we will consider ways to keep our bodies active and healthy and we are looking forward to Sports Day.


This month we are on the hunt for mini beasts; we hope to find out about their habitats and discover how they move around. We are continuing to look for signs of Spring and plan to create a mini beast area in our Nursery garden. We are looking forward to a visit from Debbie Doolittle who will talk to us about animals waking up for Spring.




This month we use Traditional Tales and Nursery Rhymes as a focus for our learning. We have been listening to Traditional/Fairy Tales and learning about the characters in the stories. We have been keeping a look out for early signs of Spring. 


We have been finding out about the roles carried out by different 'People who help Us' in the local community. We have been learning about different emergency vehicles and the work that they do. We have enjoyed visits from 'People who Help Us' and Jo Jingles.


Our monthly focus this month is, 'Cold Climates and Birds'. We will be learning what it is like to live in a cold climate and will discover what animals you might find there. We will also find out about different kinds of birds and we will learn how to take care of garden birds during the cold winter. 

Bird Day - We made binoculars and took them on a bird walk to Moira Demesne. We saw lots of different garden birds. Mrs King, P7 teacher paid a visit to Nursery and read us a story. Mr Neill brought a pigeon into Nursery for us to look at.  


During December we find out about Christmas and all the traditions associated with the festive season. We continue to observe seasonal changes now that Winter has arrived.


Our topic themes this month have included; Day and Night, Space and Our Senses. We have been finding out about space and space travel. We are developing our awareness of seasonal changes and looking at differences between day and night. We have been using our senses to explore and investigate.



During October our topic focus is, 'Family, Autumn, Harvest and the farm'. We have been exploring the changing signs of Autumn and discussing what happens on the farm during Harvest time. We have been finding out about our immediate and our extended family.  




September has been an exciting month for all the boys and girls who have started Nursery. We have been learning new routines, forming new friendships and beginning to settle in to Nursery life.















September - Settling In/Myself