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6th March

We sorted animals on a decision tree diagram. We used a Venn diagram to show who had a cat.
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Group Work

Our 3 tasks today required us to add two numbers together.

  1. Heads and Tails. We dropped some 1p's on the table and sorted them into heads and tails. We then said the story sum and recorded it. Eg  3 heads and 4 tails altogether makes 7.
  2. Beanbag Toss. We threw 2 beanbags on numbered snowmen and said the story sum. We used towers of cubes to help find the answer.
  3. Farm Animal Story Sum. We stuck pictures of farm animals into  2 fields and recorded the story sum.
Using cuisinaire rods to make 2 tone towers.
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Picture 2
Picture 3
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We used a mapping diagram to show our favourite farm animal. After we made a pictogram to show the same information. We discovered most children liked a dog best.  Nearly as many children liked a pony. No one chose a sheep as their favourite.
Picture 1 Mapping diagram
Picture 2 Mapping diagram
Picture 3 Mapping diagram