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28th Nov and 5th Dec

Here are some of the tasks we have completed over the last 2 weeks.

  1. Christmas trees. We decorated 2 trees with counters and compared the number of counters on each. We used the language more, less, fewer and greater when comparing the number of counters on each.
  2. Multi link numbers. We made good attempts at making numerals with multi links. Some numbers were very tricky to make!
  3. Dough numbers. Making numerals with dough was a little easier!!
  4. Unifix boats and hats. 
  5. Dominoes. We had to find all the dominoes with 7 dots altogether. Careful counting and patience was needed for his task!
  6. Coins.We needed to listen carefully and know our coins up to 20p to do this task. We had a baseboard with lots of pictures. Mrs Cummings told us what price each picture was and we had to put the correct coin on it.
  7. Carroll diagram.  We were introduced to this new diagram. We sorted for colour, then for size.
  8. Matching numerals to pictures.  We had to cut out groups of Christmas pictures and put them in numerical order.
  9. Bee Bot. We were introduced to our class robot and had a go at programming him to move forwards and backwards.