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27th March

Group Tasks

Our tasks were all about shapes today. We had to use our thinking skills to solve problems. Before we could do each task we had to know the name of each shape and what it looked like.

  1. Train ticket collector. We had to work out which ticket got us onto the train. We were even better at working it out this week.
  2. Shape bingo. Mrs Newell called out the colour and shape. The first person to point to it on their board got to cover it up on their board. We had to listen very carefully.
  3. Moving bee bot on a shape mat.   We chose a shape from Mrs Cummings freely bag to show us where bee bot should start. We chose a second shape to tell us us where he had to move to. We had to programme him to get there.


Still image for this video
We made clocks. Then we moved the hands to make o'clock times.